November/December, 1997 Volume XII Number 9

The Editor's Eye

Advocates -- your editor, Andrew, and Cathy -- flew back to D.C. to the Promise Keepers rally. Who'da thought there would be promise keepers in that town -- especially with the likes (and lies) of Killer Klinton and Newt the Nuke running the place.
I have to admit that the PK bunch was pretty impressive. I know there are plenty of people who criticize the movement, but I have the sprirtual Gift of Criticism (Hezekiah 7: 3) as much as anybody and I don't find anything more off base about them than I would about the Baptists, Presbyterians, Catholics, or any other denomination.
Since our 75,000 piece literature drop, PKers, as individuals, have responded well to our message on abortifacient birth control. Our web site overfloweth.
The surgical abortion message given to PK by the ever-imaginative Gregg Cunningham and his GAP (Genocide Awareness Project -- a blatant rip-off of the PK theme of Stand in the Gap) was also well taken.
While we were there, House(broken) Republicans were beating their hairless chests triumphantly over a new and even more compromised (and even more useless, if that were possible) ban on D&X (partial-birth) abortions. Sigh!
On a sadder note: Paul Hill's last appeal -- done without his permission -- before the U.S. Supreme Court was given the thumbs down by Their Imperial Godlessnesses in the apropos black garb. While the PKers worshipped, the Supremes prepared their human sacrifice to the Goddess of Choice. What kind of judgment awaits a nation which would slay such men?
Could PK and a swelling repentance for killing our own children with the Pill be the foundation for a renaissance after the fall? As the popular T-shirt says, "Life is tough. Pray hard!"
By the time you get this magazine, Oregon will have voted on Measure 51 to repeal the assisted suicide law. That news falls just the other side of deadline, so you will probably have heard the results from other sources.
Inside is an examination of the physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia issue which is well worth your time.
Pro-life old-timers remember the yearly Pro-Life Action Network (PLAN) conventions at which activist groups honed new tactics in the anti-abortion fight. Rescues became a feature of the "street training" of every convention. It was no different this year in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as the report inside shows.

For God and for Life,


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